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Attention Lafayette Parish Property Owners


You may be aware the effective December 21, 2018 updated FEMA flood maps will move over 4,000 properties into the high-risk flood zones! If there remains a current mortgage loan against the property, the Lender is mandated by Federal Law to require a Flood Insurance policy on any structurer securing the loan located within a high-risk flood zone designated by a zone beginning with a “A” or “V”!


Conversely, there will be more than 4,500 properties removed from the high-risk flood zones where the Lender may no longer require a flood policy. HOWEVER, that does not guarantee those structures will not flood at some future date! You may recall in early August 2016 the major flooding between Lafayette and Baton Rouge where over 146,000 homes sustained flood damage with estimates that 75% were a total loss. Most of the property’s damaged were not in the high-risk flood zone and did not have flood insurance!


For either category of the above property owners, we offer experienced help in securing flood insurance at the best rates available within the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) program.  The Riverlands Insurance Services, Inc, is one of the largest producers of flood insurance within Louisiana with over thirty years’ NFIP experience has partnered with Selective Insurance Company (A.M. Best rated “A” Excellent) and one of the largest “WYO” flood insurance companies in the US and also with over thirty years’ NFIP experience to make available the combined experience and resources to help you place flood insurance. Let us help you with a quote and policy today.


You may access the “Quote It Now” link to answer a few questions leading to a flood insurance quote, if your property qualifies, for the best rates available.  Either way, we are here to help apply the best flood insurance rates available to provide flood insurance coverage for your structurer. Contents coverage is also available!


Below is a summary of the January 1, 2019 NFIP changes that will affect your flood insurance.


Changes to become effective January 1, 2019


Preferred Risk Policies (PRPs):  Premiums will increase 8 percent, with a total increase of 6 percent.


A99 and AR Zone Policies eligible for the PRP: Premiums will increase 8 percent with a total increase of 6 percent.


Properties Newly Mapped into the SFHA:  Newly mapped policies are initially charged PRP premiums during the first year following the effective date of the map change.  Annual increases to these policies result from the use of a "multiplier" that varies by the year of the map change; this multiplier is applied to the base premium before adding the ICC premium.  The RFA is added after the ICC premium, and this subtotal is the amount subject to the annual premium rate increase cap.  The HFIAA surcharge, probation surcharge (if applicable), and the FPF will be added to the premium; they are not subject to the cap on annual premium rate increases.  As a result of increases to the multiplier that will be effective January 1, 2019, premiums for newly mapped policies will increase 15 percent, with  a total increase of 11 percent.